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Beauty Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Job Interview

You’re ready for a change in your career and have landed an in-person interview for your dream job. While you start doing your research on the position and company you’ll be interviewing at, don’t forget to plan out your beauty routine. Make an awesome first impression with these beauty tips!

Start your beauty routine the night before your interview.

  • Wash and dry your hair the night before so it will be clean and ready for styling the next day.
  • Exfoliate chapped lips and apply lip balm before you go to bed. Your lips will be smooth and ready for lipstick application in the morning.
  • Do your nails the day before your interview. This can be a timely process so prepare by doing it a day ahead. File your nails and paint them a neutral color.

The day of your interview.

Focus on a less is more makeup look.

  • Wear lipstick instead of lip gloss for a polished look.
  • Wear neutral colored eyeshadow.
  • Use mascara and lightly apply eyeliner.
  • Use brow gel to perfect your eyebrows and tame stray hairs.
  • Lightly apply blush for a natural-looking glow.

When styling your hair for your interview remember to keep your hair out of your face.

  • Keep your hairstyle simple.
  • If needed, use a simple barrette or bobby pins to help keep your hair out of your face.
  • Keep flyaways at bay with some hair products.

Don’t wear fragrance to your interview. Your interviewer might not like the scent or be allergic to it.

Lastly, put a smile on your face! You’ve prepared for this interview and are about to nail it! Good luck!

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