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Gym Bag Essentials

Have you ever gone to the gym and realized you’ve forgotten to bring something essential to your workout? It happens! Avoid this mishap next time by following the gym bag essentials list I’ve created for you.

During your workout:

Water bottle. Quench your thirst by keeping a water bottle by your side while you workout.

Headphones. Whether you’re watching Netflix or listening to music, headphones are a must.

Towel. Depending on whether your gym has towel service, you’ll need one to wipe your sweat away.

Hair Ties. Pull your hair up/back with while you workout.

After your workout:

Face wipes. Wipe away makeup and sweat.

Deodorant & body wipes. Clean your body and deodorize to stay fresh.

Spare clothes. Change out of your sweaty clothes post-workout.

Hairbrush. To comb and fix your hair after your workout.

Lip balm. To hydrate dry, chapped lips.

Nutritional bar. A healthy snack to keep yourself from getting hangry.

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