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How To Clean Out Your Closet

Spring is finally here! Which means it’s time to do some spring cleaning – more specifically your closet. It’s time to get rid of items you no longer wear and bring out all your spring/summer clothing from storage. Let my tips below guide you while you’re cleaning out your closet!

  1. Begin your closet cleaning process by taking everything out of your closet.
  2. Next, start dusting off the shelves and vacuum/sweep the bottom of your closet.
  3. Now get ready to go through all your items. Make two piles for items you no longer want/wear. The first pile will be for items you can resell and the other pile will be for donations.
  4. Before you start putting items back into your closet, get rid of hangers that are broken or no longer go with the rest of your hangers. For example, keep all the white hangers you have and toss out any other random colored hangers you may have. It’s best to have one color/type of hanger in your closet to give your closet a clean and neat look.
  5. As you begin going through your items ask yourself when was the last time you have worn the piece, is it out of style, does it still fit you, will you wear it again, is it damaged? This will help narrow things down as you put items back into your closet.
  6. As you start putting items back into your closet be sure to organize everything by category. Here are a few examples:
    1. Basics can be hung at the front of your closet and can be organized by cami/tanks, half sleeves shirts and long sleeves shirts.
    2. Dresses can be hung from short to long.
    3. Handbags can be organized on the top shelves of your closet.
    4. Shoes can be organized at the bottom of your closet.
  7. Lastly, once you’re all done cleaning and organizing your closet, don’t forget to go sell all your unwanted items and stop by the thrift store to donate the rest!

Happy closet cleaning!

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